Hello dear readers. Yes its been ages since this photo-blog has been updated due to the fact that I’ve been so busy editing the first season of Hot Hawaiian Weddings TV show.

This past Friday I shot the Hawaii Belly Dance Convention show down at the Honolulu Museum of Art and what a show!








Special thanks to Malia Delapenia and KTUH DJ Nocturna.

Another Angle




I’ve had some new angles in my recent life. My television show is finally airing; Hot Hawaiian Weddings airs Monday evenings at 7pm on Channel 5 KFVE in the Hawaiian Islands. If you are in the Aloha State please have a look. Most people who’ve seen the show comment about how positive the show is, and I am very pleased with that impression. Episodes will also be available online thru

The production and in particular the editing of Hot Hawaiian Weddings has taken large part of my time, and so my blog entries have been sparse although I have been quite busy shooting; weddings, family portraits, corporate assignments and even a Sweet Sixteen birthday party.

I intend to update this blog more often, although it may morph into a more artistic expression of my photography.

I can be contacted found followed at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, email, phone, and often in person at my regular wave on the South Shore of Oahu.

Say Hi anytime 

More Jake


Jake 324_DxOFP

Jake Shimabukuro, ukulele virtuoso and composer, shot with the Sony A7r, film emulator.

Jake B&W

Jake Shimabukuro Shot With Sony A7r, thrown thru a film emulator. With a Zeiss Planar 55mm f/1.8 which I thought was an excellent lens.





Jordan Pops

Yes it’s bikini weather again, although in Hawaii is pretty much always bikini weather. I shot Jordan for the new Pualani Hawaii catalog with a Nikon D3, Nikkor 85mm  using Profoto strobes from Hawaii Camera. Go check out Hawaii Camera’s new stock of Profoto rental gear, I know there are a few neat-o pieces I’ll be using on my next bikini shoot.

Happy May Day!



May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii Nei.

This little plumeria seems to know when to bloom.

Can you remember all of your top surf sessions? I’ve surfed almost continuously since 1982 and I am pretty certain that I have a few clear memories of my top sessions. For a session to make it to the ‘top’ it needs to have a few interesting and creative elements beyond just “it was perfect and Nobody was out”.

In today’s post I present one of my top ten.

Swami's, New Years Day, 97

January 1st, New Year’s Day 1997

That’s me taking off, checking my line around the knee paddler. I was on a trip to my old stomping grounds on my way to Jamaica (another story), visiting my wonderful parents Rick and Nansy in Encinitas California. I had just met my future former wife to be (if that makes sense) and we embarked on a massive trip from Hawaii first to visit my parents and then off to visit my sister Lilia in Jamaica and then make it back to Florida to cover the tail end of the High Goal Polo season in Palm Beach. Mere hours before leaving Honolulu I picked up a couple of new boards from Dennis Pang, a new 7’10 for Lexi and a sweet 6’3 single-with-sides, wing swallow tail for me. After arriving back in Encinitas on New Years Eve and engaging in typical New Years Eve fun, the next day arose beautiful, with a solid 6-8 foot (Cali sized mind you) swell running at Swami’s, the premier spot of my former neighborhood. Before leaving my parents house up the street, Lexi (being a relatively new and inexperienced surfer) declined to surf, but offered to take some photos using my camera. I set her up on the cliff by the stairs; she had fun wielding my giant Nikkor 400mm with TC-301 attached making a solid 800mm lens, sat upon a big tripod with a Nikon F3HP fitted with a fast motor drive and 10 rolls of black and white film. I engaged in one of the most glorious surf sessions ever, and just to add to the fun I wore over my wetsuit Lexi’s purple and pink surf top so she could spot me in the large crowd which was full of all-black wetsuits. Surprisingly I knew a couple of the heavy locals in the lineup and I managed to create an excellent flow picking up plenty of set waves; ripping a magic Dennis Pang surfboard for the very first time in gloriously glassy overhead waves. This shot was from the tail end of the session, it might very well be the last wave after a 2 hour surf. Lexi was a champion surf photographer that day; she shot each and every wave I caught, motor-drive shooting the good sections of the waves and even caught me poaching off of a couple of slower surfers (the only evidence ever of me dropping in HA!).  A couple of years after I made this print; you can see a the top right hand side the discoloration of the print. I am so lucky to have had this photo taken of such a memorable surf session; I’ve had so many sessions ingrained into my memories but so few of them were recorded on film. Special thanks to Lexi for shooting.


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