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Chef Ed Kenny takes in the sunset in Tautira Tahiti


JR Slide 1987 photo

What is photography all about? What is a photograph? What does it represent? Questions my dearly departed San Dieguito High School photography teacher Lucien Bonnafoux might have asked me all the way back in the 1980’s. I have a few delightful stories I will share in time of this lovely man who taught many fine photographers over his time teaching.

To change the subject; but perhaps connected by this time period, the above image is of a film slide with John Rowen, a good surf friend back in the 80’s and even to this day. In the process of moving I found this little gem; tucked away in its protective sleeve and as you can see by the impressions in the cardboard from August 1987. Its labeled an Ektachrome slide, but I’m not absolutely certain of it. The Kodak lab which processed this roll would stamp all of the E-6 processed film as Ektachrome regardless if it was AGFA or Fuji which I used as often as I could. This looks to me as if is Fuji RD 100, so essentially two to three major versions prior to Provia 100F. I was shooting an Olympus OM-2Sp and at that point this is most likely the Vivitar Series 1 28-90mm which was at the time a very good lens.

So to get back up to first questions: just what is this? This image I am sharing with you via the internet is taken with an iPhone of an original slide, itself the actual film that went through the camera and mounted in cardboard. Which will last longer I wonder, now that I launch this image forward into time via the ever expanding Internet. I of course see my happy surf buddy talking waves on a Saturday at my parents place; and to me personally this is meaningful. This slide seems to have aged well; the purple seems to be as accurate as I recall and it still has the Fuji neon color of 1980’s style. After I took one or two frames with the iPhone I tucked the slide back into its archival plastic sleeve and back into the depths of the box it came from.


Hello dear readers. Yes its been ages since this photo-blog has been updated due to the fact that I’ve been so busy editing the first season of Hot Hawaiian Weddings TV show.

This past Friday I shot the Hawaii Belly Dance Convention show down at the Honolulu Museum of Art and what a show!








Special thanks to Malia Delapenia and KTUH DJ Nocturna.

Another Angle




I’ve had some new angles in my recent life. My television show is finally airing; Hot Hawaiian Weddings airs Monday evenings at 7pm on Channel 5 KFVE in the Hawaiian Islands. If you are in the Aloha State please have a look. Most people who’ve seen the show comment about how positive the show is, and I am very pleased with that impression. Episodes will also be available online thru

The production and in particular the editing of Hot Hawaiian Weddings has taken large part of my time, and so my blog entries have been sparse although I have been quite busy shooting; weddings, family portraits, corporate assignments and even a Sweet Sixteen birthday party.

I intend to update this blog more often, although it may morph into a more artistic expression of my photography.

I can be contacted found followed at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, email, phone, and often in person at my regular wave on the South Shore of Oahu.

Say Hi anytime 

More Jake


Jake 324_DxOFP

Jake Shimabukuro, ukulele virtuoso and composer, shot with the Sony A7r, film emulator.

Jake B&W

Jake Shimabukuro Shot With Sony A7r, thrown thru a film emulator. With a Zeiss Planar 55mm f/1.8 which I thought was an excellent lens.



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