Milo strikes a pose at the Pualani photo shoot. Milo was the designated diva, there’s always one at every shoot.


Ocean in facepaint, for Pualani Hawaii.

Family Portrait








I shot this at a family portrait, which I do often and enjoy immensely. I’m always interested in the suggestions that the people have for a photo, and in this case they all came up with a photo of just their shadows on the beach, which I quite liked. They all held hands and quickly working in the rapidly falling light I got this one frame and maybe another on black and white film just before the sun dipped behind a deep cloud. Nikon D3 with a 24mm Ai lens.

Bikini Madness


PualaniJordanPola027 (1)

Jordan, taking a moment in facepaint and bikini at my shoot yesterday, on Fuji instant film in a Polaroid back on my  Rollei 6008i which used to be the camera I used for all my Pualani Hawaii photo shoots back in the day. Can you imagine shooting dozens of rolls of 120 size Fuji Astia?

The Profoto lighting was provided by Hawaii Photo Rental, they now stock heaps of Profoto flash gear which is powerful, fairly light and very consistent.



I found another 200ft roll of Kodak Plus-X Aerecon and just tested a roll, Nikon F4 35mm f/1.4 N.C with Nikon R60 filter, Kodak HC-110 Dil. B.

Its just a quick flatbed scan of the neg; I let it scan in color mode and left it because I like the tone.





ABY_1014 (1)

 Crystal, shot just after sunset as she floats on her toes. This was a small shoot for Pualani for their next catalog. Shot with the Nikkor 85mm f/1.4 AiS on a Nikon D3.












One of a Kind





Christiaan Phleger, as photographed by Cory Lum, using his one of a kind Super Graflex 4×5 SLR with the rare Pentac Aero lens, shot on expired Fuji Instant film.


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