Hey Howdy Partners, just back from the deep West South-West where I attended my sisters’ commitment ceremony to her partner Becky, both shown here doing a lovely spin on the dance floor.

It was Country-Western night for the ladies bachelorette party (does that even make sense?) and it was great fun.

I learned a lot this fine evening.

I learned I am not very good at line dancing, whether it is the Electric Slide or Country-Western.

I am also apparently a (mostly) terrible dance partner, but I had a lot of challenges: 1. I was not leading. 2. The woman I was dancing with had a much clearer idea of what the dance was and what I was supposed to be doing. 3. It was one of those dances where the “leader” and “follower” don’t face each other but face in the same direction, with the “leader” behind the “follower”. 4. There was a large mirror in which I attempted to figure out what I was doing right, further confusing me. 5. I can’t count dance steps after 4 (or 5?) drinks with tequila.

My dance partner graciously accepted the dance (more like she was goaded into dancing with The Straight Guy) and after instantly assessing that I was embarrassingly useless she calmly and firmly guided me straight off the dance floor.

I also learned that a ‘Gay’ bar is great fun, full of kind wonderful people having a great time dancing and socializing.

I recommend every straight person go at least once in their lives. Ask one of your gay friends to take you sometime.

Shot with a Nikon D3 and a Nikkor N 28mm f/2. Its pretty low light and the disco lights blew out the saturation but I like the feel of how this looks.

2 Responses to “Trippy”

  1. 1 Craig

    I dont no where this post iz goin,shd B response 2 Brudda Chris! Glad yr back an weddin wz fun,I no u said lots of othr neat stuf hapnd! My EX wz a dancer/actress, I met her on the set @ PARADISE FOUND(1975) 1rst stage show I worked/built @ Hilton Dome! Most of the male dancers were gay! Boy this iz perfect(reply) 4 a student of ADHD,I can tell 4 stories @ once!)– A: when evry1 went dancing after th show,(da gay guys) took GF 2 HULAS or WAVE! Sooo she hz a FUN nite!–B: I tried dancing once n knocked a few people over (an this wz SLOW dancin haha!)–C:I wz on a few LONG ISLAND ICE TEAS!–D: I wz 21 yrs old whn I did tht show,didnt no many/any gays @ th time, So GFs partner DINGO(SIMEON DEN),n POHAI KONG(R.I.P.) helped me “not feel” clumsy(Im,youngest on th show)so I had 2 go in GUYS/GIRLS dressin rooms 2 grab costumes n shit! So when VLADAMIR(dancer)/others wd pull a,”HEY BABY HOW U DOIN,”on me,i(jokin around,or an occassional OOPS pinch on th ass!!, those 2 wd jump in and PROTECT ME!!haha! TRADE OFF:I went 2 girls dresin rm. P.S. Ive met MANY( gays/lesbians) quality individuals since! PSS. If any1 followed that yr CRAZY!!

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